Didsbury, Alberta, Canada

Austin, Manitoba, Canada

The Story Behind "Mine"

River Tree Media and Moving Mountains Productions created Mine out of a desire to give hope to those suffering from abortion. The comfort of God's grace and mercy are available to all through Christ Jesus, and we (the production team) were concerned that this truth has been largely overshadowed by the heated debate between pro-life and pro-abortion advocates. With no storyline and a few vague concepts on what this short film would accomplish, we set out into the grueling process of film production--a process that has taken us 3 years to complete.

In this time, we have seen God work through miraculous means to help us craft the script, shoot the footage in the beautiful badlands of Alberta, and bring together the various skills needed in post-production (which included creating an original score). While this has not been an easy project to produce, we hope and pray that this would be a useful tool in leading people to hope in Christ.

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Wardrobe SupervisorMakeup Artist
Special FXSound DesignColorist
Musical Score
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Rich Swingle
Cydnie Trenholm
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Eliesha KlassenAaron OlsonDennis Wiens
Chris & Anne KlassenRyan, Kelli & Lauren Smith
Special thanks goes to the Graham family for allowing us to film this story at the Historic Graham Ranch.